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Youth Coaching

Lifecode for Youth

Career Coaching ~ Transition Coaching ~ Life Coaching

For switched on teens who want to shine but may not have the
confidence or the skills to do it on their own.

We Help Teens To:

  • Identify Their Unique Strengths and Talents

  • Create Personalised, Unique and Do-able Plans for Success

  • Develop ‘Soft Skills’

  • Improve Their Confidence and Selfesteem

  • Make Wise Choices


The Need for Coaching Teens

The key principles of coaching recognise that the client has already developed unique gifts and talents but may not be optimising their potential in utilising them. The role of the coach is to support the development of the client’s self-awareness, self-management and self-development of these skills and personal attributes.

Coaching is positive, empowering and solution focused. Perfect for teens!

How Lifecode for Teens is Different

The Lifecode for Teens approach has been developed using a range of current, leading edge modalities that are recognised globally as being relevant and effective for the 21st Century teen – our Gen Zed’s.

Our trained practitioners use an integrative, holistic and inclusive coaching model that respects the uniqueness and diversity of people.

Our Coaches Are:

• Friendly
• Non-judgemental
• Great listeners!
• Well-informed
• Experienced and trained

Friendly Coaches - Experienced and Trained - Great Listeners!

About Myself


I’m Veronica and I am the creator of the successful Lifecode for Teens coaching program.

After many years working with young people, I realised that the traditional methods of youth counselling were no longer working for many. Never before, have our teens had to manage such a fast-paced, constantly changing world. It was time for a re-boot of our perception of what young people REALLY needed from the adults in their lives, and the Lifecode for Teens coaching method was born!

I am very proud to inform you that the Lifecode for Teens approach has been hugely successful! We have supported young people with a range of challenges and all have let us know personally, that their coaching sessions have been successful in helping them understand and manage their lives more effectively.

Now, I am committed to training others in this methodology and sharing my success with parents, teachers and youth workers so that they too, may support our youth more effectively in the community.

As an experienced and qualified teacher, trainer, coach and parent (six amazing grown up sons and one delightful grandson!), I ‘get’ teenagers and genuinely enjoy spending time with them. And I ‘get’ the challenges for parents, too. Together, we work as a team to bring happiness and peace back to individuals and families.

If you have a teen that would benefit from increased self-esteem and confidence, or even a clear vision of the future and how to get there, please contact me to discuss your needs.

Veronica Smith

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