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Self Healing

Soul Navigation – Connecting to the true self – Crystal Dreaming™

What We Do

Soul Navigation offers various ways of connecting to the true self and the inner spiritual journey.

Your Journey

This process includes counselling, which allows for multidimensional exploring of the human experience. To deepen this understanding, Karen is a practitioner and teacher of Crystal Dreaming™, a powerful modality offering the opportunity to have a deeply personal shamanic experience. Set safely within a sacred crystal mandala, the journey often includes the discovery of inner wisdom, clearing blockages to divine reconnection, affirmation of true purpose in this lifetime, healing of self and relationships and the manifestation of personal freedom.

Soul Navigation also offers Earth Healing, Ceremony, Intuitive Readings, Channelling and various workshops incorporating how to work with crystals, learning to become a Crystal Dreaming™ practitioner and simple ways of self-healing.

Soul Navigation was created with the intention of working with the seasonal changes we experience throughout the year in our natural environment. Changing seasons offer energetically powerful ways of connecting to self, family, community and Earth. In this way, we support spiritual wisdom and honour our Earth and all within it. It is an empowering, compassionate and holistic way of discovering our own truth as human beings as we find our place within ourselves and in nature. This experience of personal truth brings joy, peace and abundance which manifests in many different ways.

We support the expansion of consciousness and immersion within the natural world as a new way of being for us all.

Your Journey to Discover Inner Wisdom

Our Services

  • Spiritual Counselling

  • Crystal Dreaming

  • Earth Healing

  • Ceremony

  • Channelling

  • Intuitive Readings

  • Walking the Lines of the Land

  • Workshops


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