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Our Founder

Desrae Edwards – Founder of Sarah’s Circle


About Desrae

My name is Desrae Edwards I am the founder of Sarah’s Circle Holistic Hub in Mandurah, WA. Our venue and environment provide a space where community can experience inspiration, creativity and connection. We believe by providing this space and environment we are contributing to the healing, health and wellness of the community.


Our Story

Together with husband Brian in 2004 we invested in property in Mandurah as a holiday experience and instantly fell in love with the people, the lifestyle and the community. In 2006 we decided to close shop in Perth and move our business to Mandurah with our three beautiful children a decision that has brought us much prosperity and joy on a multitude of levels.

Having lived in Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne, Perth and operating businesses in Tasmania and Perth for the past 25 years we have experienced the diverse nature that is community within Australia and are very grateful and proud to belong to the Mandurah community.

Being very aware and involved in the social and economic issues that Mandurah presents we wanted to be part of focused solutions that would contribute to the healing, health and wellness of the people and the community, that we have grown to love and appreciate.

With our combined gifts and talents, we made the decision to invest in creating and building a Holistic Hub that would offer more than just rooms to rent or a venue to hire, our intention to create a building that was unique and would be an expression of Mandurah’s diversity, and where people could experience a sense of inspiration, creativity and connection that would support and enhance healing, health and wellbeing.

Sarah’s Circle Holistic Hub was created and birthed in December 2012. Since opening we have provided rooms to rent for professional businesses in education, health and wellness. Hosted a variety of workshops, training, and retreats these have included local – interstate and international facilitators, teachers and community organisations.

Having studied, trained and worked in children services, youth work and holistic health and with experience in business, I have the opportunity to collaborate with amazing , talented people in areas of community service, education, holistic healing and health and have provided workshops and mentoring to women and young people in the Peel region in which I feel extremely privileged to have been part of many journeys, all have touched my heart and inspired me in some way.

The Now

We are PASSIONATE about making a difference in our community by continuing to support the healing, health and wellness through providing a venue and environment where you can be inspired, create and connect and experience a sense of belonging.

“We support and encourage all persons to succeed and flourish.”
– Desrae Edwards

Sarah’s Circle is a symbol of joy, creativity, celebration, laughter and unity. The purpose-built boutique venue has been built with the intention to create a space of warmth, inspiration and beauty. This has been achieved through beautiful gardens, authentic community art and creatively diverse rooms with a sense of openness and freshness, that meet a range of needs with in the community.

All spaces are open for hire and use, with the intention to provide opportunities for community to grow and develop through inspiration, creativity and connection.

“All services and support aim to provide opportunities for the individual to align with their highest potential.”

Secrets of relaxation

Beautiful and tranquil gardens surround the venues at Sarah’s Circle Holistic Hub to enhance the experience of holistic healing.

Quality Time

We encourage individuals from all walks of life and age groups to come and enjoy the quality of time to be had in such a relaxing environment.

We respect every person’s diverse nature and celebrate the individual and community together as one.