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Soul Body Kinetics

We Offer Applied, Holistic and Brain Integration Kinesiology

Sessions with Melanie

How Kinesiology Can Help

• Support safe release of emotions, subconscious suppression & transition to clear & relaxed mental-emotional states.
• Assist clarity on & positive transformation of limiting behaviours & habits.
• Help to set your subconscious ‘seeking system’ to find evidence of your desired outcome at work & play in your daily life.
• Connect you with your incentive and motivation to do & not do what supports your wellness and goal achievement.
• Relieve you of muscular pain, postural stiffness and tension related headaches.
• Provide you with effective management techniques for mental, emotional clarity and physical energy.
• Enable you to access the energy to make & take follow through action on new conscious choices and positive changes in behaviour.
• Help you unlock new insight into your body-mind-emotion connection in each and every session.
• Support you in conjunction with your medical treatment or therapy as kinesiology is a complimentary therapy. *

What’s involved in a kinesiology session?

An Initial session starts with a 30-minute health history record and discussion of what you desire to resolve and achieve. This is followed by 1 hour of Kinesiology. Follow up sessions take 1.5 hours. However, you can book a minimum 1-hour session.

The Kinesiology Session Involves:

• Being fully clothed lying down on massage table
• Pre-checks of muscles capacity to be monitored including hydration.
• Muscle assessment & testing of range of movement and stability.
• Performing a developmental inquiry process with release of stress factors, according to muscle indicators and kinesiology procedures.
• May include revisiting of past, childhood memories, associational memory, early developmental (body) memory or future projection stress.

Kinesiology is the Use of Manual Muscle Monitoring


Kinesiology & Coaching with Melanie Kearney

Melanie Kearney is a registered kinesiology professional practitioner in her 9th year of practice, she has a background in Yoga lifestyle & training. Melanie is passionate about facilitating people to create positive transformation in their lives.


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